Use the Treasury Widget to post live, clickable versions of your Etsy Treasury lists on your blog or website! Click here to find out if the Treasury Widget is compatible with your blogging platform and read the installation instructions.

Etsy member or shop name:

Pick whether you would like to get the most recent 100 lists made by, or featuring, your chosen Etsy member (if the member has a buyer-only account the lists featuring option is unavailable). Then select which list you would like to display from the drop down menu. Treasury lists featuring less than one item will not be shown.

  • lists made by
  • lists featuring
no lists loaded

Choose a widget size to suit your blog or website. The widget height depends on how many items are featured in your chosen list, showing between 1 and 4 rows.

  • small (45 px thumbnails - total width 210px)
  • medium (75 px thumbnails - total width 340px)
  • large (100 px thumbnails - total width 438px)
  • full size (170 px thumbnails - total width 723px)

A snapshot will create a widget of your chosen Treasury list as it is right now. If the list is changed, deleted, made private, or edited in any way, the widget will stay the same. A dynamic widget will always show the most current version of the list, updating to reflect any changes. Please note: if the list is deleted or set to private, your dynamic widget will be blank.

  • snapshot
  • dynamic

Just click the big yellow button to see a preview of your widget and generate the code. The widget is compatible with Blogger, Typepad, Tumblr, self-hosted Wordpress blogs, and your own website (click here to read more about compatibility and installation).

Copy code and embed into your blog or website: