Portland, Oregon, USA

Business Name: Piddix

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Advertising on Craft Cult is the single most important piece of marketing I do for my digital collage sheets.  My ad brings in a huge number of clicks and sales, and their advertising rates are a bargain.

I've kept my Piddix ad on Craft Cult consistently for close to a year and I'll continue to advertise as long as I can.

Beautiful site, loyal new customers, amazing customer service. There's absolutely no way that Piddix could have become one of the top ten handmade sellers on Etsy without Craft Cult. Thanks so much.


Nashville, Tennesse, USA

Business Name: TrickyKnits

see trickyknits' etsy shop...

I've been a Craft Cult advertiser nearly as long as I've been a Craft Cult user and I can track the spikes in my business directly to my Craft Cult ad exposure.

I know from talking to my customers that advertising on Craft Cult works for me - and I've made many purchases by browsing other Craft Cult ads, so it is definitely working for other shop owners as well!

My favorite words: I saw your ad on Craft Cult!!


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Business Name: FabBeads

see fabbeads' etsy shop...

Advertising on Craft Cult has been great for business!  My Google Analytics shows that it's the #1 referring site to my Etsy shop and visits from there have a much lower bounce rate too.

Julian and Karena are fabulous to work with, they're very helpful and professional.  This is definitely great exposure for a very reasonable cost.


Houston, Texas, USA

Business Name: Thirty Six Ten

see thirtysixten's etsy shop...

My advertisment here on Craft Cult is my number one view generator of all the advertising and promoting tools I use.  I also have found the staff to be helpful when planning my advertising.

I am a firm believer in the benefits of advertising here.


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Business Name: benconservato

see benconservato's etsy shop...

Everytime I run an ad on Craft Cult, my views increase, I get nice convos, loads of hearts and sales. Always a good thing.


Raanana, Israel

Business Name: Yalipaz

see yalipaz's etsy shop...

I discovered Craft Cult as a new seller on Etsy.  As most sellers, I had an obsession to find out how many hearts my shop is getting, to find out how much people liked my creations.

After almost a year on Etsy I decided it was time to invest in advertising. The first place I looked for advertise was the site which I visited almost every day - Craft Cult.  After advertising on Craft Cult for about three times, I can say I love this site!

I love it because the people who run it are very professional, they are very pleasant to deal with, they have wonderful not expensive advertising deals, I love how the site looks and the most important thing is that I got plenty of new hearts, views and even some sales from advertising on Craft Cult.

I am definitely going to use their service again in the near future. I recommend Craft Cult to everyone.


Northern Michigan, USA

Business Name: Art of Spirit LeatherWorks

see aosLeather's etsy shop...

I'm thrilled with the results of my Craft Cult advertising.  Perfect for the Handmade Movement and absolutely the most cost-effective online advertising I've used!


East Troy, Wisconsin, USA

Business Name: KBOriginalsetc

see kboriginalsetc's etsy shop...

When I decided to try Craft Cult for the first time, I simply sent a photo and text.  The Craft Cult group assisted me & now I have an ad that is spectacular!

I use the Carousel and Sidebar - both with great success.  I have advertised with Craft Cult many times and always know that when I do, I can expect increased views and most importantly SALES!


Saratoga Springs, New York, USA

Business Name: A N Original Jewelry

see anoriginaljewelry's etsy shop...

Craft Cult has become my go-to advertising outlet.  Not only does the exposure bring a steady flow of Etsy buyers and sellers through my shop, but it also helps me in my branding efforts by allowing me to be a daily part of the lives of Craft Cult frequenters, helping to build my brand identity and recognition.

I am constantly recommending Craft Cult ads to friends who ask me about buying ad space online.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Business Name: Jennifer Ladd

see jenniferladd's etsy shop...

I decided to advertise on Craft Cult after I noticed myself going to the site several times a day and getting distracted by the fun shops in the ads.

I have advertised with them several times, and I've always been happy with the experience.  I love to see the increased shop views, and of course, the extra sales during the weeks I advertise.  And the people at Craft Cult are so warm and helpful, too.

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