The Pocket Shop is an animated, interactive, portable version of your Etsy shop to help you promote your products on your blog or website. Just choose your preferred options and grab the code! Click here to find out if the Pocket Shop is compatible with your blogging platform and to read the installation instructions.

Etsy username:

faux bois

see example


see example


see example

noir gloss

see example

vintage postcard

see example


see example

ice gloss

see example

snow cap

see example

Choosing the animation style determines the way your product images transition in the slideshow.

  • slide
  • fade

Choosing autoplay means the slideshow will automatically start each time the page loads. Unchecking the autoplay option means your visitors will need to click the play button to start the slideshow.


The Pocket Shop displays up to 200 listings from your Etsy shop. You can choose to promote up to the first 200 products in your shop ordered by time listed, the last 200 products in reverse order by time listed, just your featured items, or choose to display products from one of your Etsy shop sections.

  • ordered by time listed
  • reverse order by time listed
  • featured listings only
  • choose a shop section

Just click the big yellow button to see a preview of your widget and generate the code. This widget is compatible with Blogger, Typepad, Tumblr, self-hosted Wordpress blogs, and your own website (click here to read more about compatibility and installation).

Copy code and embed into your blog or website: